The Ultimate Global Utility Tokens Backed

By Proven In-ground Gold Reserves

If You Know, You Know  

     Portable, Durable, Divisible, Fungible, Private, Decentralized, Unlimited Scalability, Speed with The Worlds Fastest Blockchain

“I have been working on a new electronic cash system that’s fully peer to peer with no trusted third party”

                                                       ...... Satoshi Nakamoto 2006

                 NOT A MONEY NETWORK, NOT A SYSTEM OF CURRENCY                                 IT IS A PLATFORM OF TRUST .     IT’S NOT A COMPANY,                                       IT’S NOT A PRODUCT,   IT’S NOT A SERVICE ,                                                        IT’S A TRUST OF VALUE                                                                                                     ..….. ACME GLOBAL TRUST 2018



The ACME GLOBAL TOKENS will be sold and distributed exclusively via Cryptocurrency Exchanges and OTC exchanges worldwide. All Individual and Institutional sales will be through Exchanges and Licensed Broker Dealers. All transactions worldwide will comply with all KYC/AML regulations. ACME GLOBAL TRUST will NOT SELL direct to the public. Tokens can be purchase via Licensed Broker Dealers in the U.S. and Licensed Brokers Dealers in their respective countries. If Governments want to restrict our tokens from being sold in their country or to their citizens we will do our best to honor the request. Please keep in mind that ounce the tokens leave our wallet, we have no ownership nor control over what happens with the tokens, who’s wallet they end up in, nor for what or how the tokens are used




This whitepaper has been prepared by ACME GLOBAL TRUST for the sole purpose of introducing the technical and financial aspects of ACME GLOBAL TOKENS and its associated platform and underlying blockchain protocol. This document does not constitute any offer, solicitation, recommendation or invitation for, or in relation to, the securities of any company described herein. The whitepaper is not an offering document or prospectus or the solicitation for the sale of securities and is not intended to provide the basis of any investment decision or contract. The information presented in this whitepaper is of a technical and financial nature only, and has not been subject to independent audit, verification or analysis by any professional legal, accounting, engineering or financial advisers. The whitepaper does not purport to include all of the information that a buyer of ACME GLOBAL TOKENS might require to form any purchase decision, and, in particular, does not comprehensively address risks of the ACME GLOBAL TOKENS, which are numerous and significant.

ACME GLOBAL TRUST (along with its directors, officers and employees), does not assume any liability or responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy or completeness of information contained in this whitepaper, or for correcting any errors herein.

Furthermore, should you choose to participate in the purchase of ACME GLOBAL TOKENS, ACME GLOBAL TRUST does not assume any liability or responsibility whatsoever for any loss of market value of ACME GLOBAL TOKENS.


The purchase of ACME GLOBAL TOKENS as an investment as described in this whitepaper involves risks and is offered only to individuals who can afford to assume such risks for an indefinite period of time. It is therefore recommended that each potential purchaser seek counsel should they consider making such an investment.


The price of ACME GLOBAL TOKENS described in this whitepaper has been determined by ACME GLOBAL TRUST based on the current LBMA market value of gold bullion. However, each prospective purchaser should make an independent evaluation of the fairness of such purchase price taking into consideration all of the circumstances as described in this whitepaper.


No person is authorized to give any information or make any representations regarding ACME GLOBAL TOKENS, ACME GLOBAL TRUST or this whitepaper except as such information as is contained or referenced in this whitepaper. Only information or representations contained or referenced in this whitepaper may be relied upon as having been made by the TRUST. This is a monetization of an asset. It is a utility token which ACME GLOBEL TRUST has no control over once released to the global community. No assurance can be given that the tokens actual future performance in commerce or in the market place will match intended results. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.




Since Bitcoin’s official release on October 31, 2008, cryptocurrency has transformed the landscape of the financial industry. However, Bitcoin and the hundreds, if not thousands, of cryptocurrency that have come along since all rely for their value on perception, i.e. what the public perceives or believes them to be worth at any given time. They have nothing tangible to back up or support their valuation with a pledge of redemption – until now.


ACME GLOBAL TOKENS are a result of the monetization of an asset. The asset consists of proven in-ground gold reserves. A trust has been established to hold the asset for the benefit of holders of ACME GLOBAL TOKENS. The asset has been transferred to the trust irrevocably and in perpetuity. We have created the World’s Greatest Utility Token to fill a global need for a fast, cost efficient means of facilitating global commerce. We request a benevolent outcome for ACME GLOBAL TOKENS and for all who use them.

While for some people banking is available on every corner, there are more than six billion people in the world that do not have ready access to any form of banking.  Most people in the world live too far away, where the closest bank could be up to one hundred miles away. The one thing they all have in common is a smart phone, and with a wallet and some ACME GLOBAL TOKENS they can be their own bank. ACME GLOBAL TOKENS have the potential to liberate millions of people worldwide.


When we first thought of developing ACME GLOBAL TOKENS we were advised to go big or go home. We realized the economists were right. In order for the ACME GLOBAL TOKENS to become the ultimate global utility token we had to go big and create multiple valued tokens with enough tokens initially distributed that they can be used worldwide for the purchase of goods and services everywhere in every day commerce.


Because ACME GLOBAL TOKENS are backed by proven in-ground gold reserves totaling over forty-five billion ounces having an estimated value of ten trillion one hundred twenty five billion dollars that we have transferred into the trust to back up the tokens, we were able to create a one once, a half ounce, a quarter ounce and a one gram token. Our tokens, no matter what happens to their value in the future, will always have the value of that amount of in-ground gold that backs them up. The tokens will ultimately have the value of the gold and the store of value that you, the public, place on the tokens. If all cryptocurrency fell to zero value, our tokens will retain their gold value and as gold prices increase over time so will the value of our tokens.

With the proliferation of the trading of cryptocurrency and Wall Street positioning and creating new income streams for themselves and broker dealers all over the world creating trading desks, Wall Street or any major financial institution will create an increasing demand for all cryptocurrency coins/tokens. ACME GLOBAL TRUST has sufficient tokens to meet the anticipated demand and provides individual purchasers as well as the institutional professionals a cryptotoken that has a proven lasting value.



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