Q. What is Acme Global Trust?

A. ACME GLOBAL TRUST was legally created in September, 2018 under the laws of the State of Nevada, United States of America. It was created to receive the assignment of ownership of the in-ground gold reserves and to hold said in-ground gold reserves in trust for the benefit of the holders of ACME GLOBAL TOKENS. The Trust is irrevocable and perpetual. The ACME GLOBAL TOKENS are issued by ACME GLOBAL TRUST.


Q. What is Proven In - ground Gold Reserves?

A.   Three separate independent certified geological reports done in 1986, 1989 and 1996 all estimate that there are 53 million tons of gold located between the fifty foot and sixteen-hundred-foot level beneath the surface of the claim. The United States government’s own Geological Service has estimated that the proven in-ground gold ore reserves beneath the claim is in excess of 53 million tons. Modern mining technology would enable economic extraction of ore to a depth of three miles which would equal the depth of some of the famous South African gold mines.

The owner of the mining claim has irrevocably and unconditionally assigned its ownership of a significant portion of the in-ground proven gold reserves in the mining claim to the ACME GLOBAL TRUST in an amount sufficient to back up the cryptotokens that the TRUST will issue.

We all know that gold has been considered to be a store of value for a few thousand years, but a lot people do not know that in-ground is just as valuable. In the mining industry, companies support their balance sheet and stock price by the value of the proven gold reserves they have. When describing gold reserves, there is “probable” and then there is “proven.” Probable means we think and maybe believe it is there, but we have not found it yet. As for proven it is just that proven. There exists objectively demonstrated tests and analysis that substantiate the existence, quality and amount of the reserves.

Just like proven in-ground gas reserves and proven in-ground oil reserves have value, so does proven in-ground gold reserves. Proven in-ground gold reserves are what is backing ACME GLOBAL TOKENS.

Q. What will the token cost?

A.   The tokens are based on the free market price of gold.


Q.   What is Skyledger?

A. The most advanced blockchain application ecosystem in the world. It is SkyLedger. Designed by the developers of Bitcoin and Ethereum to deliver on Satoshi’s original vision, Skyledger has been created to solve existing problems the sector has already experienced with standard blockchain platforms.

Q. Where can I buy Acme Tokens?

A.   The ACME GLOBAL TOKENS will be sold and distributed exclusively via Cryptocurrency Exchanges and OTC exchanges worldwide. All Individual and Institutional sales will be through Exchanges and Licensed Broker Dealers. All transactions worldwide will comply with all KYC/AML regulations. ACME GLOBAL TRUST will NOT SELL direct to the public. Tokens can be purchase via Licensed Broker Dealers in the U.S. and Licensed Brokers Dealers in their respective countries. If Governments want to restrict our tokens from being sold in their country or to their citizens we will do our best to honor the request. Please keep in mind that ounce the tokens leave our wallet, we have no ownership nor control over what happens with the tokens, who’s wallet the end up in, nor for what or how the tokens are used.


Q. Will the token be available on Crypto Exchanges?

A.   Yes.


Q. Where can I use Acme Tokens?

A. With the Acme Global Crypto Debit Card, Anywhere in the world Visa is accepted.


Q. What is Acme Global Crypto Debit Cards?

A. We wanted to provide a way for holders of ACME GLOBAL TOKENS to use them to buy goods and services using our tokens, we felt that it could take seven to ten years or longer to be adopted for use worldwide. Through an arrangement with a third party financial institution, In 2020 the public worldwide will be able to obtain ACME GLOBAL CRYPTO DEBIT CARDS.


Q. How can I redeem my tokens?

A. After the redemption lock out period, ACME GLOBAL TRUST will redeem ACME GLOBAL TOKENS at any time from any current holder of the ACME GLOBAL TOKENS Please read Redemption section in Whitepaper.


Q. Will it be available in my country?

A. Yes, Acme Global Tokens will be available Worldwide.



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